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I first met the DMC Guatemala team in Taipei, Taiwan, during a travel fair in November of 2010. They were promoting Guatemala as a tourism destination, while I was promoting Guatemalan coffee. I am the founder and executive director for ¨Ergos Coffee¨, a Taiwan based company specialized in facilitating direct trade between Guatemala Coffee Farms and roasters in the Asia Pacific region.

As an added value to our business, I started toying with the idea of offering our clients with the opportunity to obtain the full coffee experience by participating in a Coffee Tour of Guatemala. The idea was for our clients to visit the farms they buy their coffee from, learn about the coffee production process (direct from the farmers), partake in specialty cupping tasting sessions, and visit some of Guatemala´s main tourist attractions. This would be a very exclusive trip, only available for our top trade partners and VIP clients. For this endeavor, I reached out to DMC Guatemala so they could help in designing a program and provide all travel and logistical operations during the tour.

In 2016, we ran the first tour. It was a total hit! Such a hit, that we now offer the Guatemala Coffee Tour once (and sometimes twice) a year! DMC Guatemala has been a key component for the success of this tour. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

• Assistance in designing an itinerary around our time-frame and specific requirements.
• Development of cost and budget analysis.
• Management of transportation, lodging, meals, tours, and other special requests.
• Coordination and development of thematic dinners, welcome kits, and promotional material.
• Personalized tourism assistance for guests that arrive before or depart after tour dates.

I highly recommend DMC Guatemala´s services. I am grateful for their hard work, commitment, and friendship.

Carlos Pascual
Founder, Executive Director
Ergos Coffee

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