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I´m the property manager for a Vacation Rental in Antigua Guatemala. We have multiple villa style suites and accommodate individual guests and small groups year-round. Many of our guests request airport shuttles, private ground transfers, and other tourism services. For the latter, we partnered with DMC Guatemala so they can handle tourism services for our guests, while we concentrate on the hospitality side of the business.

We have used DMC Guatemala´s services for two years now. We must recognize that they are one of the best tourism companies we have worked with. All our guests and their clients are completely satisfied about the service they offer. One of the reasons is because we have noticed that their priority is to always offer excellent service. They are 100% punctual, reliable, organized, communication is always fast and effective, and above all, they handle each of the cases in a very formal and professional manner. We would recommend DMC Guatemala without a doubt!

Ana Gabriela R.
Property Manager
Villas de la Ermita
Facebook: Villas de la Ermita

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