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Natural Paradise

Las Verapaces is located in the north-central Guatemalan territory, and encompasses the departments of Baja Verapaz and Alta Verapaz.Its territory is propped up on a massive limestone table eroded over thousands of years; the plateau of the Verapaz region is riddled with caves, underground tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites. Cavernous labyrinths used by the Maya for worship, in their belief that caves are the entrances to the underworld, are also now visited by travelers who marvel at the natural interior design of these subterranean spaces. Nature has performed its work above ground too.

At Semuc Champey, pools of tranquil, turquoise-green water span a monumental limestone bridge; beneath the bridge a river thunders violently through. The quetzal reserve also provides the opportunity to witness a feather flash of red or green of the elusive bird, and dead insects provide curious interest in Rabinal, where their body parts end up on ornamental gourds. The center of this region – the imperial city of Cobán – provides respite for the traveler with a clutch of museums honoring the Maya, coffee and orchid, and a fantastic entertainment spectacle at the end of July with a whirlwind of traditional dances and a Maya beauty contest.

All these and more make this region one of the favorite destinations for those who like extreme sports, outdoor recreation, and communitarian tourism.

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