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A Green Caribbean

With an original charm, rich ecosystems, and the happiness of the Garifuna culture, Izabal in Guatemala’s northeastern region, offers an encounter with a Caribbean of exuberant and natural beauty. Izabal is one of 22 departments in Guatemala, bordered to the north by Belize, to the northeast by the Gulf of Honduras, and to the east by Honduras, and by the Guatemalan departments of Petén to the northwest, Alta Verapaz to the west, and Zacapa to the south. It is about 295km / 185 miles from Guatemala City.

The diversity representation is greatly reflected in the green Caribbean for its rich ecosystems that are habitat for different species. Among its natural reserves are: Río Dulce, Bocas del Polochic, Punta de Manabique, and Biotopo Chocón Machacas. This region also holds Quiriguá, an archeological site declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the famous “Estela E”, the biggest Mayan Stella, of 10.5 meters high is found.

The stunning Lago de Izabal, the largest in the country, the contrast among jungle, rivers and sea, and the mixture of the Garifuna and Mayan cultures make this a magic and fantastic paradise.

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