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Guatemala City

Modern & Cosmopolitan

Guatemala´s International Airport, ¨Aeropuerto Internacional La Aurora¨, is located in Guatemala City, and conveniently just a 10-15 minute drive to the hotel district, or just an hour drive to the charming town of Antigua.  Located in the center of the Guatemalan territory, Guatemala City can make for a perfect starting point to travel to other destinations around the country.

Guatemala City has a population of about 4 million, and presents a contrast panorama of colonial architecture combined with modern buildings, which, with its important museums, historical monuments, and modern facilities offer the tourist a unique experience. It is the ideal setting for conferences and conventions, has renowned golf courses, medical centers equipped with the latest technologies, and world-class shopping centers, amongst other perks. When visiting, the Historic Center is a must. With more than 200 years of existence, its cathedral, iconic buildings, churches, and museums are a true testament to the country’s historic evolution. The neighborhood of “Zona Viva” is one of the city’s top entertainment hubs, with exclusive hotels, restaurants and bars.

¨Depending on who you talk to, Guatemala City (or Guate as it’s known) is either big, dirty, dangerous and utterly forgettable or big, dirty, dangerous and fascinating. Either way, there’s no doubt there’s an energy here unlike anywhere else in Guatemala. It’s a place where dilapidated buses belch fumes next to BMWs and Hummers, and where skyscrapers drop shadows on shantytowns¨. Lonely Planet

DMC Guatemala´s services cater to individual and group travel. Our goal is to craft a program that aligns with your needs while combining the best side trips, activities, and accommodations that showcase the locale and harmonize with your program objectives.

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