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Colonial Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Antigua remains Guatemala’s must-visit destination. A former capital, the city boasts an impressive catalogue of colonial relics in a magnificent setting. Streetscapes of pastel facades unfold beneath three volcanoes. Many old ecclesiastical and civic structures are beautifully renovated, while others retain tumbledown charm, with fragments strewn about park-like grounds.

Thanks to the dozens of Spanish language schools that operate here, Antigua is a global hot spot. Yet it remains a vibrant Guatemalan town, its churches, plazas and markets throbbing with activity. Outside the city, indigenous communities, coffee plantations and volcanoes offer ample opportunities for exploration.

The city is the ideal stage for weddings and special events. Travelers can choose from stunning colonial-style hotels and chic boutique hotels with world-class accommodations and quality installations to host congresses, business meetings and celebrate events. Travelers can attest to the catholic fervor of the Guatemalan people and witness colorful street processions during the Semana Santa celebrations (Easter Week).

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